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Nigerian People and Culture Facts: Foods and Delicacies. Nigerian meals are generally characterised by a rich mix of starchy foods. For example, Yam, Cassava, and Rice are the major foods that are consumed in all parts of the country, coupled with the additions of vegetable soups which are regularly consumed by most Nigerians The culture of Nigeria is shaped by Nigeria's multiple ethnic groups.The country has 527 languages, seven of them are extinct. Nigeria also has over 1150 dialects and ethnic groups. The six largest ethnic groups are the Hausa and Fulani in the north, the Igbo in the southeast, and the Yoruba predominate in the southwest, the Tiv people of North Central Nigeria and the Efik - Ibibio

Nigeria's culture is influenced by several different ethnic groups, who all determine the country's food, clothing, and overall culture. Nigerian Culture, Customs, and Traditions. By Ferdinand Bada on August 1 2019 in World Facts. Fabrics for sale at a marketplace in Nigeria.. Legit.ng News ★ Here we have ★ 10 facts about Nigerian people and culture ★ you might have not known before. Just continue reading and discover several very interesting info about the tribes, culture, religious beliefs and more in Nigeria Interesting Facts About Nigeria Culture Economy Kids 1. Over 250 Ethnic Groups. As big and populated as Nigeria is, a lot of people are not aware of the fact about Nigeria that this Nation is made up of more than 3 - 5 ethnic groups Nigeria - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette. Welcome to our guide to Nigerian culture. Perfect reading for anyone wanting to learn a bit more about what makes Nigerians tick All you wrote was a fact as am also a Nigerian Living outside.l had tried to get on some write up regarding Nigeria culture, religion and behavior, thoe am an IT student but working on something that will impact Nigerians. l just have a few comments to make as l will love if you make more investingation and research on this 2 topics. 1

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  1. Facts About the Culture, Geography, and History of Nigeria. Nigeria, Africa's most populous country is established in West Africa. We have assembled the following 12 interesting facts to help you discover more about this vast land of Africa. 12. Nigeria is a member of both the British Commonwealth and the African Union
  2. The culture of today's Nigeria is strongly influenced by folk traditions. They can be seen in the wooden Yoruba sculptures and Ibibio, Yoruba, and Ijo masks. Traditional cultural elements are also present in the works of the talented Nigerian sculptor and artist Ben Enwonwu as well as the wall paintings and architectural style of Felix Idubor
  3. Facts about Nigeria: 100+ Interesting Facts. Others, Politics No Comments. Share 16. Tweet. 16 Shares. With a total land area of 923, 770 square kilometers, Nigeria is located in West Africa. The country is bounded on the North by Niger Republic, on the West by Republic of Benin, and on the East by Cameroon

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  1. Nigeria culture would stretch to a million pages if all should be written. Read more about the People of Nigeria. Where is Nigeria? Find out now. Physical Map Of Nigeria. Nigeria Climatic Condition. For Further reading About the country Nigeria see National Symbols of Nigeria. Compare Culture of Nigeria & Nigerian Facts
  2. 10 Fun And Interesting Facts About Nigeria Nigeria is a country in West Africa having boundaries with Niger and the Chad Republic in the north, Cameroon on the eastern part, the Benin Republic on the western border and the Atlantic ocean at the southern end
  3. Nigerian Culture Facts, Dating Customs, Beliefs On Marriage And Cultural Practices Since its creation as a country till now Nigeria continues to grow in population and resources. It currently has a population of over 180 million people. Nigerian is reportedly the most populous nation on the African continent and the 8th most populous in the [
  4. Nigeria is a bustling country with many residents that are friendly and are rooted in their culture. While many of the country's animals have become extinct or engangered, it still has unique and rare animals and stunning landscapes throughout the country that make this a must-see country
  5. Nigerian Culture and Languages. There are quite a lot of cultural diversities among the people of Nigeria as are many ethnic groups in the country. Despite the influence of the Western world, the people of Nigeria still treasure their traditional languages, art, music, dance, literature, food, etc

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  1. Here are 10 interesting facts about Nigeria: 1. Nigeria is the seventh-most populous country in the world, home to more than 200 million people. While that may be a lot of people,.
  2. Facts About Nigerian Culture. Below are some facts about Nigerian culture: Nigeria is culturally divided into three main ethnic groups: Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. The three ethnic groups are further subdivided into 500+ tribal groups
  3. ating Niger river as put forward in the year 1980s by a journalist from British whose name is Flora Shaw and later used in the year 1914

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Here are 15 Interesting Facts about Nigeria that you probably didn't know before reading this! To make this even more fun, which totally makes sense when you realize that there are over 250 ethnic groups with a distinct culture and traditions. Photo: Shutterstock. 6 There is a real abundance of traditions in Nigeria culture, as well as in various customs and other aspects of culture. but today we will touch the very fundamental ones, though very interesting and astounding, as Nigerian culture is unique and fantastic in its original way.Photo:.. Nigerian food culture differs from different group to another; I have always cited the issue of multiple ethnic groups in Nigeria as the reason for the large number of foods eaten in Nigeria. There are over two hundred and fifty different tribes in Nigeria so it is expected that each of these tribes would have different food culture, although there are always a little difference from one tribe.

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  1. Incredible Facts About Nigeria. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubscribeFtdFacts Watch more http://bit.ly/FtdFactsLatest from FTD Facts: http://bit.ly/FtdFactsPopu..
  2. Nigeria, country located on the western coast of Africa. Nigeria has a diverse geography, with climates ranging from arid to humid equatorial. Hundreds of languages are spoken in the country, including Yoruba, Igbo, Fula, Hausa, Edo, Ibibio, Tiv, and English. The capital is Abuja
  3. The culture of Nigeria is therefore every bit as diverse as you would expect from a country which is a melting pot of people from so many different backgrounds. Generally speaking, Nigerians can seem very emotional to people of other cultures, as big shows of emotion in public are commonplace and perfectly acceptable
  4. g the world's fourth most populous country. Nigeria's sustained high population growth rate will continue for the foreseeable future because of population momentum and its high birth rate
  5. Legit.ng News ★ → NIGERIAN FOOD CULTURE → There are about 250 different ethnic groups in Nigeria, and therefore it is natural that each of them has different cultural characteristics. This also applies food, Nigerian food spices and facts
  6. Present-day facts. The country is the largest yam producer in the world. In 2016, Nigeria's arts and entertainment industry contributed 54 billion nairas (€127,347,817.20) ($152,113,140) to the country's GDP. The Nigerian Movie Industry (also known as Nollywood) is the second largest in the world (volume-wise) and the largest in Africa

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In fact, during the 1990s, Nigeria's conflict-related deaths, roughly 6 deaths per million inhabitants per year, represented only one-fifth the world frequency, while in the last four years under civilian rule and increasing freedom of expression, 17 violent Nigerian deaths per million capita still represents only about 62% of the world average, and one-tenth the frequency for all of sub. Dating Nigerian men, How does a Nigerian man think, what is wrong with men from Nigeria? here is facts about the men in Nigerian, find out the way they think, w. About Nigeria. Menu. Facts About Nigeria. Nigerian In order for any realitionship to work out no matter what the culture difference is, you both have to want most of the. These interesting facts about Nigeria related to the oil story are worth knowing. #5: Petroleum and its contribution. 95% of the export income is obtained by the export of Petroleum. The country is one of the largest reserves of petroleum and that fact has been well proven by its 10 th position

Nigeria - Nigeria - Daily life and social customs: Nigeria's vibrant popular culture reflects great changes in inherited traditions and adaptations of imported ones. Establishments serving alcoholic beverages are found everywhere except where Islamic laws prohibit them. Hotels and nightclubs are part of the landscape of the larger cities In Nigeria, especially in Yoruba culture, respect for elders is sacrosanct. There is a form of caste system delineated by age in every Nigerian community. While the young ones are expected to respect persons older than them, run errands and participate in household chores, the role of the old is to protect and provide for younger and vulnerable members of the society Nigeria is composed of more than 250 ethnic groups; the following are the most populous and politically influential: Hausa and Fulani 29%, Yoruba 21%, Igbo (Ibo) 18%, Ijaw 10%, Kanuri 4%, Ibibio 3.5%, Tiv 2.5 The Federal Republic of Nigeria is a West African country bordering Niger in the north, Chad in the northeast, Cameroon in the east, and Benin in the west. Here are 10 interesting facts about the country. 1. Largest population in Africa . Due to its large population and economy, Nigeria is referred to as 'the giant of Africa'

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The history of Nigerian art dates back years before the Nigerian man conceptualised such creations as art. There are numerous traditional artwork and origins. Nigerian art heavily explores stone, wood and glass carvings, pottery, wire works, and paintings. Significant Nigerian art are Nok Art, Ife Art, and Benin Art Nigeria History, Language and Culture History of Nigeria. The states of Kanem and Borno, which flourished on the shores of Lake Chad from about AD 10 onwards, were the first imperial states in the region, founded on control of trans-Saharan trade routes Nigeria, offisielt Forbundsrepublikken Nigeria (engelsk: Federal Republic of Nigeria), er en føderal republikk bestående av 36 delstater i tillegg til hovedstaden Abuja.Landet ligger i Vest-Afrika og grenser til Benin i vest, Tsjad og Kamerun i øst og Niger i nord. Nigeria har kyst til Guineabukta i Atlanterhavet.Nigeria har både den høyeste befolkningen og den største økonomien (samlet. Nigerian State Websites (Nigerian Investment Promotion Centre, Abuja, Nigeria) A list of links to the websites of Nigeria's 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja . TOFAC 2019--9th Toyin Falola Annual International Conference on Africa and the African Diaspora--Religion, The State, and Global Politics, July 1-3, 2019, Babcock University, Ilisan-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeri

Not so sure about culture because there are so many cultures in Nigeria. However, here are so funny facts about Nigerians; 1. If you visit a country and there's no Nigerian, leave immediately. 2. In Nigeria, people ask questions such as are you e.. Nigeria Facts . Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with more than 160 million people. Nigeria is one of the oldest location of human existence. The official name of Nigeria is the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The official language of Nigeria is English. Nigeria is composed over 250 ethnic groups

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Nigerian Fact is an infromation portal that provides general facts and useful information about Nigeria that users search for on the internet. Covering categories like Telecom, Education, Jobs, Sports, FOREX, Entertainment and other current trends in Nigeri This is the presentation on Nigerian History and Culture that I showed a bit of in my other video: https://youtu.be/RxlWMeV93jc It was originally in Spanish. Arts and Culture; 5 facts to know about Africa's powerhouse To the west of the Nigerian capital Abuja, the grey monolith of Zuma Rock towers above the cars on the motorway below. One of the West African country's most famous landmarks, Zuma is shrouded with local myths and adorns the 100 naira banknote Terrifying Facts About Nigerian Women and STDs. Nearly 200 women scattered all around Nigeria, were convinced to talk about their sexual health habits in our survey, and the results might surprise you The name Nigeria is taken from the Niger River, which plays an important part in Nigerian lives. Not only is it a transportation highway, it is an excellent source of fish, including carp, Nile perch, and catfish. It also provides the water needed to cultivate crops

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Nigerian Food Culture - Major Tribes In Nigeria And Their Food. Nigeria often called the Federal Republic of Nigeria is located in the west of Africa. Nigeria is mainly an English-speaking population but diverse ethnicity. However, the simplified form of coined English known as pidgin English (primary English lexicon) is majorly spoken over the Queens English Nigerian people and culture: Nigeria is famous for being Africa's most populous country with her huge population of more than 150 million. Nigerian culture wing Provides an overview of Nigeria, including key events and facts about this oil-rich country with multiple ethnic and religious divides 5 Interesting Religion-Related Facts You Never Knew About Nigeria. Buzz, Others No Comments. Share 15. Tweet. 15 Shares. Nigeria has more far Muslims (75 million) than Saudi Arabia (22 million), the birthplace of Islaam. There are more Muslims in Nigeria than there are in any other country in Africa

I lived in Nigeria for 12years and in the states for 12years. Some differences I have noticed in Nigerian and American culture. I left Nigeria 12years ago, some things about Nigeria might be different but you will get the gist. General Culture:-Nigerian culture: grouped by language. Each language has its own culture The Nigeria culture is one of such that has lasted over hundreds of decades, the country Nigeria is made up of over five hundred different ethnic groups, each of us with our own story to tell. Consisting of three major tribes and many minority whose rights wouldn't yet be violated despite the facts that they are minorities Nigerian Culture Kids is an information platform on Nigeria for children with Nigerian heritage, aimed at children 5-10 years old

The most populous nation on the African continent, Nigeria is home to over 250 different ethnic groups speaking approximately 500 languages. With a long history of various civilisations dating back thousands of years (including the Nok Civilisation, Calabar Kingdom, and Sokoto Caliphate), the country was colonised by Britain during the late nineteenth century and united under its current. Nigeria is a country in west Africa.It has a population of 188,500,000, more than any other country in Africa. Its capital is Abuja.Nigeria is known for being a large country, and one of the richest in Africa. Nigeria's wildlife includes gorillas, elephants, lions, antelopes, giraffes, various monkey species, hyenas, crocodiles and hippopotamuses. Rare gorillas are found in the rainforests.

Since Nigerian women are expected by their male counterpart to be a good home maker, almost all Nigerian women are good cooks and perfect homemakers. In fact the first means a Nigerian girl shows love to her man is by making his home (cooking for him, washing the dishes, and his cloths) this way, you know she is into you Nigeria Trade Journal. Published quarterly, this journal is an important resource for Nigerian Americans and others interested in establishing businesses in Nigeria. Contact: Nigerian Consulate General. Address: 828 Second Avenue, New York, New York, 10017-4301. Telephone: (212) 752-1670. Nigerian Journal Infoplease has everything you need to know about Nigeria. Check out our country profile, full of essential information about Nigeria's geography, history, government, economy, population, culture, religion and languages. If that's not enough, click over to our collection of world maps and flags Sport > World > Country > Nigeria. Sport in Nigeria. Nigeria has a rich culture, and sports have contributed a lot to these customs, starting off with the traditional sport of Nigeria which is called Dambe Boxing, a Hausa Martial Sports held on festivals Nok Culture as One of the Earliest Arts in Nigeria; Nigeria's art is believed to have been influenced by the Nok Culture and historical facts show that the Nok Culture was one of the prehistoric arts suggestive of the ancient human settlement in Nigeria. The Nok Culture has greatly influenced Nigeria's art as well as cultural activities

Nigerian people and culture. Famous for her huge population of more than 150 million and with more than 370 ethnics groups, Nigeria has the highest population in African continent. The country is made up of three major ethnic groups namely: the Hausa-Fulani, the Yorubas and the Igbos - and they represent around 70 per cent of the population Top 100 Facts About Nigeria. 1. Nigeria is made up of thirty-six states. 2. Nigeria has over two hundred and fifty ethnic groups. 3. Nigeria boasts of well over four thousand dialects. 4. Nigeria has fourth highest number of doctors in the world. 5. Nigeria has the second highest number of slang in the world after USA. 6 Even me, I can't deny the fact that I would always struggle to come up with cool, amazing and fun facts about Nigeria and this applies to many parents as well. We have compiled some interesting facts about Nigeria to reel out to yours kids The name Nigeria is said to originate from the Niger River that flows through the country

Culture: agriculture/ farming, fishing, ethnic groups, family, churches, Nigerian literature, outdoor markets, mining History of Nigeria . Nigeria has a long history that dates back as far as 9000 B.C.E. as shown in archaeological records. The earliest cities in Nigeria were the northern cities of Kano and Katsina that started around 1000 C.E. Around 1400, the Yoruba kingdom of Oyo was founded in the southwest and reach its height from the 17th to the 19th century Nigerian Igbo Culture, Religion, Origin and History. The Igbo are the second largest group of people living in southern Nigeria. They are one of the three major tribes in Nigeria. They consist of many subgroups and are known to be socially and culturally diverse. Although Igbos are mostly Christians today, they have a deep and original culture

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  1. African Traditional culture is interesting, and should be respected by all. The attempt to end it is bad beyond measure, because once it is ended,how then do we recognize ourselves? The psychology behind our culture is what makes us be today. We as Africans should raise our flags
  2. Nigeria Doing Business in Nigeria. One of the oldest locations showing signs of human existence with evidence dating back as far as 9000, BC Nigeria has the potential to become one of the strongest economies of the world - even tipped by some tipped to top the charts by 2050
  3. Facts about African Culture 8: the basic ingredients for central Africa. Cassava and plantains are the basic ingredients that the people in central Africa use to make food. African Culture. Facts about African Culture 9: spinach stew. The spinach stew in Africa is made with peanut butter, chilies, onions, peppers and tomato
  4. nigeria culture 1. Nigeria's Culture Presented by: Claire Gui 2. Literature Music & Film Cuisine Sport 3. Literature many influential works of post-colonial literature in the English language best-known writer Wole Soyinka 1st African Nobel Laureate in Literatur
  5. Nigeria is a large, densely populated West African country on the Gulf of Guinea. Its neighbours are Benin, Niger, Chad and Cameroon. Nigeria's coast is low-lying with lagoons and sandy beaches. There is a high plateau of extinct volcanoes in the centre of the country and a mountainous area along its border with Cameroon. Key facts
  6. Here are 5 Fast Facts about our newly launched efforts there: 1. Our Country Director in Nigeria, Nari Welye, earned her law degree in 2011 from the University of Maiduguri and has worked tirelessly for women's rights and victims of gender-based violence
  7. Nigeria's Culture . In northern Nigeria people in the ctiy have flat roofs and in the country many have homes built of mud with woven roofs of reed or palm leaves, this helps prevent the blistering heat in both areas. Here people favor loose clothing,.
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Nigeria - Statistics & Facts Overview; Key figures; Statistics; Published by H. Plecher, Feb 14, 2019 In mid-2017, about 1.25. In this lesson, learn about the history of the young country of Nigeria, which gained independence from Britain in 1960. Nigerians enjoyed a few years of democracy before rule by various military. Nigeria has a long history, with its roots in early civilisations of distinguished artistry. The plateau area around Jos was a meeting point for cultural influences from the Upper Niger Valley (where agriculture developed independently as early as 5000 BCE) and from Egypt. By 3000 BCE, the plateau people - probably the Bantu people who later dominated Sub-Saharan Africa - wer

The culture of Nigeria is based on Nigeria's multiple ethnic groups. Nigeria has over 50 languages and over 250 dialects and ethnic groups. The three largest are the Hausa-Fulani who are predominant in the north, the Igbo who are predominant in the south-east, and the Yoruba who are predominant in the southwest. The Edo people are predominant in the region between Yorubaland and Igboland Nigeria, Africa's most populated country, is having a mental health crisis. Many developing nations fall prey to mental health traps, and this West African country is no different. Developing nations spend too little, if any, resources on mental healthcare, and their nation's population suffers because of it. Healthcare in Nigeria, especially for those with mental health issues, is poorly. With its vibrant culture, sense of humor and adaptability, Nigeria has become the Giant of Africa in more ways than just population size. Discover 10 things Nigeria does better than anywhere. [M.A.] Adekunle (1974) attributes all of standard Nigerian English's Nigerian usages in lexis and syntax to interference from the mother tongue. It is quite easy to show that while some usages can be so attributed, the vast majority, at least in Educated Nigerian English, arise from the normal process of language development involving a narrowing or extension of meaning or the creation of new. Facts about African American Culture 9: the movement. Even though slavery was abolished, the black people still searched for equality. In 1960s and 1970s, the Black Power movement and non violent American civil rights movement were established

Nigeria is a country located in Western Africa.. The official name of the country is the Federal Republic of Nigeria.. It is bordered by Benin on the west, Chad and Cameroon on the east, and by Niger in the north.. The official language is English.. As of 1 January 2017, the population of Nigeria was estimated to be 189,559,502 people.Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the. Nigeria is Africa's most populous country, accounting for about one-fifth of the continent's people. It is very diverse, with more than 250 ethnic groups; the largest are the Yoruba, the Hausa and Fulani and the Ibo (Igbo). For more information, go to the Fact Monster page about Nigeria Nigeria has a tropical climate and temperatures remain consistently warm all year round. The country's large size means that there are several different climatic zones, each with their own unique weather pattern. However, the weather in Nigeria is generally defined by its wet and dry seasons The Yoruba people are one of the ethnic groups of southwestern Nigeria and southern Benin in West Africa. The Yorubas are a distinctive people who are bound together by a common language with various different dialects. They also share a rich history and culture. Here are 7 facts about the Traditional Yoruba Culture: 1. According to [ FACTS & STATS Learn More about Nigeria LINKS & RESOURCES back to top Culture The Nok people were the first to populate the land now called Nigeria, around 500 B.C. The highly.

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Facts About Ghana's Culture, Geography, and History. Ghana is a West African nation bordered by Ivory Coast to the west, Togo to the east, Burkina Faso to the north and Gulf of Guinea to the south.. Formerly known as 'Gold Coast', Ghana has interesting things to offer to the world •Nigerian culture values its guests. They treat them with maximum hospitality, care and warmth. •It is a wonderful country with complex history and a culture that would fascinate any visitor Nigerian culture dominates in Men. •Very few women are active in politics and professional careers Tag: interesting facts about nigerian culture. Top 10 Fun Facts About Nigeria in 2020. Spymaster. You should read these: Top 10 Worst Prisons in the world 2020; Webbspy is your best entertainment, facts, music & lifestyle website. We provide you with the latest amazing facts and celebrity updates straight from the entertainment industry Stay on top of Nigeria latest developments on the ground with Al Jazeera's fact-based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated maps The richness and diversity of the Nigeria culture is a manifestation of the socio-cultural differences of the over 250 ethnic groups that inhabit the land for ages. Tourism is one of the growing sectors of the Nigerian economy. The industry was accorded priority status in 1990 when the National Tourism Policy was launched

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Interesting & Fun Facts About Nigeria . Nigeria is officially named the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The country was named Nigeria after the River Niger. Niger River is Africa's third largest river. English is the main language of Nigeria. Apart from that, over three hundred languages are spoken in the country Yoruba people are a large ethno-linguistic ethnic nation in Western Nigeria, Togo & Benin Republic. Find more about Yoruba people history, arts and culture

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Brief History of Yoruba | People, Culture, Religion and Tradition. Add Comment. Yorubas are one of the most popular ethnic groups in Nigeria. According to statistics, they make up as much as 35% of the total population of Nigeria. They cover as many as six Nigerian states, namely; Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo, Ekiti, and Lagos Facts about Nigeria. World Facts Index. British influence and control over what would become Nigeria grew through the 19th century. A series of constitutions after World War II granted Nigeria greater autonomy; independence came in 1960 Nigeria has 36 states and one of them is Lagos State. Though it is the smallest state in the country, Lagos remains to be the most populous and a major financial centre. Here are facts about this. The Nigerian egg rolls might be casually mistaken for scotched eggs but on a closer look, the difference is quite clear. The snack is made by practically wrapping up a boiled egg in dough, and deep-frying it. 11. Kokoro. Famously known as the crunchy corn meal snack, Kokoro is native to the western part of Nigeria

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Brief Facts about Nigerian Indigenous (Local) Chickens. by Akinbobola A. 11 Comments. Have you ever attempted to know the local breeds of chicken we have in Nigeria? Yes, we have our local chicken breeds in Nigeria and this post will provide some brief facts about them South Africa's culture is one of the most diverse in the world and has given rise to the term Rainbow Nation. With 11 official languages and 8 other recognised languages, the rich culture of each of these groups brings its own vibrancy to our diversity

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Fun Facts About Nigeria. The Federal Republic of Nigeria is located in west Africa. It is the most populous country in Africa with over 162 million citizens. Independence in 1960 followed a period of British colonial rule, but Nigeria's rich history is notable for a series of powerful kingdoms such as the Benin Empire India is one of the world's oldest and most diverse cultures. Here is an overview of Indian customs and traditions Tour Nigeria awakens the adventurer in you, taking you on a journey into an undiscovered world for an authentic Nigerian experience. Showcasing the true spirit and essence of Nigeria, from the historic, cultural and heritage sites to sun-kissed coastlines, beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, natural springs, the grandeur of festivals, wildlife and magnificent plateaus Some less savory facts about British culture are that the British are on track to be the most obese in Europe, which may or may not have something to do with their love of pubs and pub food.

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Nigeria: 5 Facts About the New Tactical Team 'SWAT' Ilyas Ahmed/AMISOM/Flickr (file photo). 14 October 2020. Vanguard (Lagos) As Nigerians protest for the dissolution of the Special Weapons and. What it is: A (vegan!) dish made of peeled Nigerian brown beans ground together with onions, bell pepper, palm oil and spices, and steamed in banana leaves (or other vessels)

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